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Our solution comes in 2 flavors to better suit your needs

Pay As You Go!

The "Pay As You Go" Solution is our cloud version hosted in a secured Data Center reachable through private QoS links. With this very cost-effective and agile telephony solution, we care about everything and you receive a monthly bill that corresponds to the real usage of the system.

Own It!

The "Own It" Formula is our on-premise solution located & installed in your office infrastructure. It will run on one or several virtual machines or on dedicated hardware. With this model, you are in complete control of your phone system.


We believe in standards and interoperability. We do not think customers should be locked by vendors. That is why we support advanced SIP and are certified by the big names of the SIP industry.
PBX Features
From basic features like Call Parking, Audio Conferences, Call Forwarding to the most sophisticated Automatic Attendants or Call Queueing / Automatic Call Distribution, Call Recording and every feature you need is available at no additional cost. All of this with a phone, a mobile, a softphone or our brand new WebRTC solution. You need to interact with your own software? Our REST API's have been developed for that purpose.
Our architecture allows scaling from 1 to 10000 users with the maximum reliability and redundancy, in mono-site or multi-sites setup. Police departments and emergency services rely on our products on a 24/7 basis.
You want to rout calls depending on presence and calendar meetings? Our exchange, Office365 and Google Calendar connections have been designed for that. Virtual FAX systems, Voicemails to e-mail, LDAP/Active Directory integration, Advanced Call Statistics are only a few of the many possibilities
Our platform is designed with simplicity in mind. Providing so many features and making them difficult to use or to setup would not make sense.
Designed for you
Communicate seamlessly with customers using the best Unified Communications. Improve productivity. Your employees need an access to the right Unified Communications & Collaboration tools and need to be reachable anyplace, anywhere & anytime with or without a fix phone. Simply use the best Business Telephony Solution for your role; a desk phone, a fix phone, your smartphone or simply your browser!

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